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About KARL®

Sobre Carlos

If you are just like Jonny you must love eating things that are considered “non-healthy”, right? Hamburger, Pizza, Hot Dogs, Sodas, among other nasty things.

Jonny was always told by his parents that these type of food can be bad for him if he eats them excessively. Besides leaving him a little chubby, the damage to his health can be very, very bad.


I think that from all the times that Jonny heard that he just stumbled across a big hero inside his conscience: KARL!

That’s right, inside his mind there’s a clumsy but powerful hero.




KARL always shows up when Jonny is about to eat something that immediately triggers an awareness mode, because he knows that the food that he’s about to eat is bad for him.

KARL shows up to fight these food temptations that’s appears to us everyday, one bigger than others, some very difficult to resist but KARL always finds a way to beat evil and protect Jonny’s health.

I wish I had a KARL to protect me… sometimes is soooo hard to resist these temptations! So glad we have our parents that helps us everyday to keep things in balance. In this website you will find a lot of tips to a good health and tasty recipes to substitute the non-healthy temptations.


Welcome to the incredible world of KARL!