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Rokchoc – Cookies

The cookie is a very popular item in most children’s snacks, which besides having a sweet and addictive flavor, is a “practical” product in the eyes of parents who end up opting for packaged snacks.

It consists of high amounts of sugar, trans fat, flour, preservatives and dyes.

That in addition of being harmful to health can cause addiction.

It is very important and necessary that we stop to think: if we want our children to develop in a healthy way, we need to offer them real food, rich in nutrients as well as vitamins, minerals, proteins, good fats, healthy carbohydrates, all from real foods and not of industrialized products!

Too much sugar and trans fats only makes the our little ones with weight changes and in blood tests (cholesterol, blood glucose …), can also cause agitation and lack of concentration in studies!

Another great tip from the maternal-child specialist Dr. Bruna Albuquerque from the Patricia Davidson Haiat’s Clinic.

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

Como queimar as calorias dos Cookies?

Cookie - Elevada taxa de açúcar, gordura trans, farinha, conservantes e corantes.

Watch the teaser for Karl VS. Rokchoc:

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Bruna Albuquerque – Maternal-Child Nutritionist

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