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Trick or treat?!

Is this phrase familiar to you?! If you thought about Halloween, that’s correct! For many parents this is a great challenge so let’s help Karl fight and win against these treats!

These eye candy “treats” that sharpen the palate and senses of our children, are actually “sweet poisons” to the organism of our little ones.

They are real sugar bombs. Its excess consumption can cause a high increase of glucose in the blood, which causes a greater insulin secretion and this is dangerous, since in excess can lower the glicemia rates too quickly, which opens the appetite and causes the person to eat again and get fat.

The refined sugar, it’s been associated in several researches to cardiovarcular problems, obesity and diabetes.

Its excess consumption may increase the risks of contacting theses diseases  since it’s an highly caloric product without any nutritional value.

Not to mention the artificial dyes that give “life” to these treats. When consumed frequently, artificial dyes can interfere with the metabolic and even neurological process and can also trigger allergies, stomach irritation and even damage the skin.

Do something different, so that children don’t be eager wanting to participate in festivities. Give preference to homemade fruit jams and call the kids to participate in the production process. This will help fight the excessive consumption of these industrialized products. Think about it!

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

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