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Puggy Woogy

The story of the puppy Puggy Woogy has always been covered in mystery. What is known is that Carlos found the canine companion lost and very tired.

Puggy Woogy is a super space puppy.

He had been dueling for daysy against a giant space food monster, and both their origin remains unknown. It is only known that the little puppy loves affection, is the faithful squire and is best friends with Karl and and Juanito and is extremely powerful.

He’s as powerful as the hero Karl.

With its caramel-colored coat and strawberry tongue, Puggy Woogy delights everyone, including villains at the time of the fight, which gives him a lot of edge.

He never ran away from a fight.


Already faced many villains before even joining Karl’s team.

Episodes wich appears: C16 – Karl VS. Rockchok; C21 – Karl VS. Bacon Bob; C25 – Karl VS. Gingy; C27 – Karl VS. Pancalf

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