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She is a heroine with purple curly hair made of grape, which is always bound by a discreet purple tiara. She wears a embroided vest with red tones that’s gust proof ,that looks like a strawberry. Her legs are firm and made of bananas. Her expressive large eyes, with purple irises, draw people’s attention.

Polly cares a lot with everyone in the team.

Like a mother, she cares about her “children”. Well, except for Karl, wich she have a super crush, but has a great difficulty in expressing her feelings for him, since he does not open up for any flirting. Polly is Karl’s trusted confidant and will support him in every decision he makes.

Polly besides beautiful and educated, is extremely powerful

Among her powers, she can generate spherical force fields of indeterminate size and strength, but apparently limited. She has the incredible ability to fly; in addition to an extremely high level of agility, presenting an unusual body reflex.

Usually she’s the one who’s in the Command Center giving the coordinates to the group and sending the villains statistics that they will face.


Polly also takes care of the dog of the team, Puggy Woogy, her companion when she’s aiding everyone via the Command Center.

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