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Friend and faithful companion of Karl, Milky is such a character. Crazy, funny, unpredictable, sometimes very brave, sometimes fearful. He appears in unexpected moments, sometimes helping, sometimes disrupting. Despite the regrets, everyone likes Milky very much. According to him, this comes from his charm and irresistible charisma.

Milky is a small, cute little milk carton.

He has small tits and cow stains through his body and ox horns on his head. Milky is fun and crazy. Super spontaneous, says everything he thinks, when he thinks. He doesn’t like to plan things, always acting on impulse, a factor that explains why he usually leaves the group in complicated situations.

The most emotionally sensitive member of the group he often cries when he doesn’t like something, and ofter squirts milk tits when he’s afraid of something. Polly adores him and has enormous patience with Milky. She doesn’t care anymore when he does it, she just says, “It’s you who will clean …”.

Milky is the least experienced of the team, but very brave.

He hardly escapes a fight, and often loses all in wich he participates. Exaggerated and excited, he usually sees everything as some sort of covert military operation. Identified easily by his thin, funny voice, MILKY is prone to cause accidents. He’s very adorable and cute, sometimes causing a villain to lower his defense in front such cuteness.


His biggest dream is to take part in the group missions and make them proud of him, since the group thinks MILKY is not prepared to take part in the dangerous missions they face.

Episodes that appeared: C16 – Karl VS. Rockchok; C21 – Karl VS. Bacon Bob; C25 – Karl VS. Gingy; C27 – Karl VS. Pancalf

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