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Jonny is a boy who, like all of us, loves to eat junk food once in a while. But he knows how bad unhealthy foods can be for his health . That’s why whenever he’s going to eat junk food, he stumbles across a weight on his conscience; a voice that says to him, “Don’t eat it, resist.”

The struggle to withstand such temptations is not easy.

Jonny confesses that many times he hopes Karl loses, because he doen’t want to stop eating junk food. But he loves Karl and has a lot of fun with him, often even saving his own hero Karl from great dangers.

Jonny is a good-humored child, who sees grace in everything in life. His laughter is sweet and loud, brightening the mood of those around him. His heart is big and docile, always seeking to help those who need it. He lives in his “little world” as his mother often says, and in it he finds great pleasure and fun.

He dreams about being a powerful warrior.

Jonny shows traces of hyperactivity and anxiety, which contributes to being a “little” messy.

Like every child, his life is full of doubts and indecisions, as he seeks to understand the reason of things. Jonny is intelligent and curious; he loves questioning how things work: “Why, why, why?” Jonny is also an impetuous child, who wants to take control of his own destiny. His hero Karl will help him prevail over certain doubts and insecurities, helping him become the hero he dreams of being, both in his playful world and in real life.

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