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The personification of the healthy side of Jonny’s mind.

His robust body is formed by fruits, his pectoral is an immense strawberry, his strong arms are made of bananas and his head is made of pear. He has a leaf floating above hishead, a small detail that enhances his its natural charm.

Karl has tremendous strength and great resistance to injuries. He has as his life goal to seek to protect the boy Jonny as much as possible. Keeping him away from the unhealthy temptations of everyday life.

Karl loves Jonny as if it were his son.

And he will fight until his last breath for the boy. Karl, despite his firm stance as a hero, is very clumsy and often wins by sheer luck. It has an endless perseverance and enviable courage. No matter the size and amount of his enemy, Karl will face them.

Karl is in love with Polly, though he does not admit it to anyone. Often he is embarrassed by her, sometimes being clumsy, knocking things over, banging his head, all because of the way she messes with him, but he always tries not to let it show.

Carlos is always protecting Polly and keeping her close to him, so that he can protect her. Someday maybe at any time he will gain the confidence necessary to approach his eternal crush.


Karl has incredible strength and magical powers (there are so many of them that I don’t know where to start! Have you seen his Explosive Strawberry Punch?). Tireless and persistent, he will fight to the end to protect Jonny. Although Jonny sometimes seems not to want Karl to win, Karl loves him more than anything and will never give up fighting for the boy’s health.

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