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Pizza – Gladipizzas

Ever heard that saying “it all ends in pizza”?

Yeah! Although traditional, and on many occasions the plate that marks the meeting between family and friends, pizza deserves attention when it comes to the quality of what we bring to the table!

I explain: pizza carries many ingredients that, when put together, offer more harm than good for adults and especially children, who are in formation both of the organism and of their palate!

This “tasty treat” (for many) usually consists of dough, rim – which can be stuffed or not – and fillings! Oh the fillings … they still carry cheese toppings – like mozzarella and catupiry chesse, most of the time.

What has a good eye appeal can be harmful to the health of our body! Do you want to know why?

Let’s start with its mass. White flour, a key ingredient in the production of pizzas and rich in gluten, is both poor in nutrients and has a sugar-like action in the body as it increases the rate of blood glucose! And in addition, it may be responsible for irritation in the intestines and feeling of bloating and flatulence!

In addition, the flavors that are audience champions for the small pizza lovers, are rich in sodium, like mozzarella – one of children’s favorites! Apart from the industrialized products, such as sausages, canned and frozen toppings – that are used in food preparation. You can hardly find natural products without preservatives in pizzas.

So pay attention, dads! Never trade a nutritious meal for pizza!

Especially when there is no “other option” to offer children! Ingestion of pizza, especially in excess, can contribute to childhood obesity, one of the ills that has impacted childhood health in Brazil and the world! Keep an eye for it! When hunger strikes , open the refrigerator, and look for tasty and appetizing alternatives to offer the little ones! To do so, always have at your disposal food that can save you when the dilemma is to dial into the pizzeria or prepare something yummy at home!

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

Como queimar as calorias da Pizza?
Pizza: Pode representar danos à saúde de nosso corpo!

Watch the teaser for Karl VS. Gladipizzas:

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