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Oswald – Jellybeans

Meet GUMMY OSWALD! The cunning villain made of Jellybeans!

What could be wrong with a tiny, colorful, simple jellybean? This is an example of a case in which size doesn’t matter, let alone quality when it comes to nutrition and health.

The well known (and very dear) candies – like our villain Gummy Oswald here, can offer a lot of risks to our health, which range from cavities to weight gain and may even suffocate the child. I explain:

Usually these treats are made with refined sugar, gelatin, fructose and glucose syrup (actually is a corn syrup rich in fructose); dyes, preservatives and flavorings – ingredients used by the food industry that when mixed together can cause serious damage to our body. That includes our oral health, because eating candies can also be a trap to develop cavities.

The high sugar value of a children diet can stimulate the production of insulin and therefore contributing so the child develops diabetes type 2. Besides, there’s the weight gain in the long run wich may lead to childhood obesity, a public health issue that must be carefully observed.

Sugar is a generic term for edible crystallized carbohydrates, especially sucrose, lactose and fructose. Specifically, monosaccharides (are unpolymerized carbohydrates) and small oligosaccharides (energy source for living organisms). Its main characteristic is the sweet taste.

To avoid these and other health problems in childhood and hence in adulthood, it is necessary to review dietary habits and avoid products like “jellybeans” and other goodies.

Another point to take in regards to the fact that when consuming certain small foods, such as jellies and other sweets, the child can choke and thus obstruct the passage of air. You have to be careful. Instead of jellies, introduce in your children’s daily food healthy, home-made foods preferably the fruit base and free ingredients of these subterfuges used to vitiate the child’s taste in sweets.

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

OSWALD - Bala de Goma
OSWALD - Bala de Goma
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