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Nuggets – Nugge.T.S.

How many of you have surrendered to a box of the famous “nuggets” ?!

When it comes to frozen and industrialized foods, maybe this is one of the audience champions in the supermarket list and at the tables of many households in Brazil and the world.

What many people are still unaware of, or overlook, is how these “small pieces of breaded chicken” are real villains of good food, and can be aggressive to the body, especially children.

Firstly, it’s a processed meat that, although it carries in the package some information that may seem “appetizing”, in fact, hides a preparation beyond there nebulous.

Do you know more or less how the so called “broiled chickens” are made ?!

If you have a weak stomach, I recommend stopping reading here. Understand – it’s not about shock value, it’s about raising awareness for you adults, parents, grandparents – who still insist on bringing the nuggets to the table. There are people who still make the situation worse, and fry them in oils like the terrible oil of canola, sunflower, corn and soy. Well, I’m not even going to get into this cut, because we talked about it yesterday, Tuesday (23/8/2016).

Let’s see the nuggets preparation: Less than 50% of its composition is chicken, the other part is made up of remains and mixtures.

Add everything left over from a chicken, such as eyes, bones, paws, guts, beaks, etc., and mash them until they look like a creamy pinkish creamy crust. And do not forget to take out the bacteria using ammonia. Yes! Ammonia, the same substance used for cleaning products. Then add flavoring and a pigment to look like meat and treat yourself!

Do I need to cite the ingredients for the manufacturing process ?! It has monosodium glutamate, refined sugar, trans fat, preservatives, chicken, modified cornstarch, soda for baking, and a lot of substances that are used in the system production process of pens, fans … Yeah. Not to mention the industrial farming that uses fertilizers with raw material for coal and natural gas and are used as sources for much of what we feed today.

If your kids like to eat the famous nuggets, I recommend you to make this food at home.

Buy the chicken, prepare it with the ingredients you know, bake them, and serve without fear! After all, my motto you already know by heart, little star: better peeling than unpacking! This applies to good home cooking! Believe me, there is always a good choice when it comes to ensuring the nutritional quality of the food served to our children!

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

Como queimar as calorias dos Nuggets?
Sabe mais ou menos como os tais “frangos empanados” são feitos?

Watch the teaser for Karl VS. NuggE.T.S.:

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