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Nacho with Cheddar – Nacho Caliente

Behind the Nacho with Cheddar.

This time our hero Karl will engage in a fight with the “luchador Nacho Caliente” and to help defeat him we will clarify what makes him a real villain.

Those who like to vary the menu and take a gastronomic trip to the specialties of other countries should known the famous “Nacho con Cheddar”, one of the favorite dishes of  Mexican food lovers – that has already won the taste of Brazilians – from children to adults.

Really, you need to have control when you come across the nachos – crunchy corn triangles – to not overdo the consumption of this food. Nacho is not always served roasted and, when fried, in addition to being caloric, poses health risks like weight gain and obesity. And they never come alone since they are usually served with greasy sauces and melted cheese. The cheddar is the champion! This type of cheese is high in saturated fat, which can lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases, among other health problems.

Now, when the choice of consumption is industrialized nachos, the situation worsens, a lot.

They are the famous package snacks. And it’s no use, not even the roasts are not villains, because they also have fat and plenty of salt. Generally, for the appearance of the snack to be golden, they are roasted on both sides. In the following, they are still fried in vegetable oil to become more crunchy. In the next stage, the baked and fried snacks go to the flavoring machine. In this apparatus, they receive powdered seasonings with the chosen flavor and then, they are packed.

Processed products are harmful to the body, with no nutritional value.

For those who do not know, they have a high concentration of sodium, which in excess is pointed out by doctors as the main villain of high blood pressure, a disease that is directly related to problems such as stroke and heart attacks. Ingesting a lot of snacks therefore brings problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and impairs growth in childhood!

In addition to not consuming these foods or at least not in excess, whenever you can, have natural organic food that you know the elaboration process as an option!

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

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