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Marsh Hello – Marshmallows

Anyone who is 30 years old or older may remember a movie called “The Ghostbusters”, in which one of the villains was the Marshmallow giant, who terrorized people until he was captured by the famous ghost hunters.

To defeat this “fictional monster” it took effort. It should also be hard for parents and caregivers in children diet. If there is not a watchful eye on what we offer them in childhood, in adult life they may suffer the consequences of these “ghosts” of what they ate in childhood, like sweet the marshmallow.

The duo of villains today, MARSH HELLO – “very cute and very evil” – are made of Marshmallow. This delicacy, as sweet as famous, carries in its composition basically refined white sugar (or confectioner’s milk), corn glucose, gelatin and dyes.

If we stop only at the health risks represented by the consumption of sugar, it would be enough to categorize the marshmallow as malefic. Whatever the age, especially children, it’s not recommended to consume this type of sugar.

Instead of the refined sugar, prefer in your diet the use of sugars such as coconut sugar or brown sugar. This is because in the “refined” version there are no nutrients, besides being considered harmful to the body. And yet, in the healthy version, it’s to eat with extreme moderation.

Another point to note is that moisturizers, products used to protect the moisture from the product, which can cause gastrointestinal and pulmonary circulation disorders, are added to maintain the “fluffy” and “pulling” texture.

Imagine a child playing with sharp objects or chemicals, what would be your reaction? Would you allow it? If you leave them out of the reach of these materials, do so with industrialized, refined foods, which contain colorants, preservatives and other ingredients to maintain preservation, texture, taste, etc.! Prefer what comes from nature, such as eating fruits, as a dessert option.

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

MARSH HELLO - Marshmallow
MARSH HELLO - Marshmallows
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