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Mac Donut – Doughnut

In the composition of the adored Donuts we have flour, butter and sugar mainly. There are 2 main problems: 1. lack of nutrients and 2. many calories.

Its dough is fried and so it has even more trans fat, a bad type of fat, which can unbalance our cholesterol, increase the risk of heart and brain diseases, inflammation of our body always leaving us sick, and the risk of cancer.

In addition, its topping is full of sugar and artificial compounds to give flavor and color. Very sweet foods make us gain weight, hinder our intestines and addict our taste buds to always look for sugary things in a vicious circle. Sugar and wheat also disrupt concentration, hampering focus during class and home studies, and may result in a drop in school performance.

It is important for us to provide nutritious foods that will contribute to children physical and mental development.

Try to trade the Donuts for homemade fruit cakes and with healthy bases (eg, rice flour, almond flour), your body will thank later!

Another great tip from Dr. Jéssica Nóboa, Functional Nutritionist at Clínica Patricia Davidson Haiat.

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

MAC DONUT - Donuts
MAC DONUT - Donuts
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