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Krako – Party Cake

Big and colorful, it’s the most anticipated attraction of every birthday party. We’re talking about Krako, the colorful party cake, full of sugar and evil.

But behind it lies several dangers: refined sugar, gluten and lactose, fat, dyes, essences and industrialized fillings. A big challenge for our hero Karl huh!? But, sure enough, he will win this battle.

Refined sugar is one of the biggest dangers of party cakes, being present from the crust to the top. Rich in empty calories and low in nutrients is rapidly metabolized to glucose. This promotes insulin spikes, overloading the pancreas, damaging health. Another disadvantage is that it helps to develop memory deficits, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, cavities among other disorders. And you can still become addicted . That’s right!

The fats are in the creamy filling, industrialized coating (American paste, industrialized icing), whipped cream, margarine and toppings. Like sugar, its excess consumption is harmful and has the same consequences.

Lactose and gluten are also villains. In excess, this pair can cause damage in the gastrointestinal tract, triggering disorders such as diarrhea, nausea, gas. And still serve as a start for genes that, until then were inactive, from a series of autoimmune diseases like Chron, Celiac Disease for example.

We can’t forget the dyes, preservatives, emulsifiers and other chemical additives used to increase the flavor, color and durability of cakes that only intoxicate the body.

But what can we do to protect children?

We can replace refined flour for healthier types like almonds. Ghee butter is an alternative to margarine. The filling and toppings can be made with functional milk cream, based on organic coconut milk, which can be used in the cake dough. And moderation, always!

With the right choices, children can enjoy the party without harming their health.

See you next time!

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

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