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Ketchup Jack – Ketchup

Let’s talk about a dressing that’s so dear for many people: the Ketchup.

This ingredient usually is used with snacks, hamburgers, hot-dogs, etc. Even in more elaborated recipes it is used, such as the stroganoff.

For a long time that tomato picture in the carton may have fooled us that there were natural food inside! Lets unravel what is inside the ketchup bottle: is made from a species of pulp, vinegar, salt, thickeners – like xanthan gum, sugar, preservatives, corn syrup. All but the long-promissed tomato.

The Ketchup is highly acid to our body.

It contains a lot of sucrose, a sugar that according to the World Health Organization is considered a product with “empty calories”, meaning that it doesn’t add any value to our diet and can help in the obesity development.

It’s rich in sodium that if consumed in excess it may lead our body to liquid retention, compromising toxin elimination e altering nutrient absorption. It also contains  high fructose corn syrup, considered to be harmful because it contains metals and is made from genetically modified maize – both toxic to our body. It can also cause heart disease, cancer, dementia, cavities, diabetes, obesity, because when metabolized it raises sugar levels.

There is an option to this ketchup distorted by chemical elements used in its preparation. Preferably homemade, which takes natural ingredients. So when the kids are eating, you will have the assurance that it is done nutritiously and with real tomatoes!

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

Ketchup Jack - Extremamente ácido ao organismo
Ketchup - Extremamente ácido ao organismo

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