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Karnak – Meringue

A big villain: The Meringue

Once again, our hero Karl will face a great villain: the meringue Karnak. It will not be an easy task, but he will use all his knowledge to win this battle. Let us first understand who this enemy is.

The meringue is basically made of refined sugar and egg white. The first ingredient is used in high amounts when compared to egg whites, which makes nutritional benefits irrelevant. But why does this “sugary delicacy” harm the health of children?

Once again sugar is primarily responsible. This is because it is low in nutrients, has a high caloric content, so-called “empty calories”, which in no way nourish our body. It quickly transforms into glucose, promoting insulin spikes, which are harmful to health.

In addition, ingesting large portions of sugar increases the risk of developing diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, gastritis, liver fat and believe it or not, memory impairment. And this is what the children least need in this important period of life, which is motor development, neurological, cognitive, social, and so on.

Another danger: sugar can be addictive! Yes. That’s true and very serious. This dependence is due to the fact that sugar helps in the production of dopamine, the hormone responsible for the sensation of pleasure and well-being. Here the child associates the fact of eating a candy or ice cream or chocolate, for example, something tasty, cool and, inadvertently, pulls the trigger for a possible “addiction.” Another thing, the health of the teeth is also impaired, since sugar causes cavities. A beautiful smile without cavities only makes the beauty of a child even more beautiful. Isn’t that right?!

See how a simple meringue can be a big enemy ?! But and now? What to do? Excluding the use of refined sugar from their recipes and giving preference to coconut or brown, for example, may be options to keep the candy on the children’s menu. Still, consumption should be moderate.

So, let’s look at the quantities, invest in the quality of food, stimulating the child to know new flavors. After all, eating well is a better choice for life!

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

KARNAK - Suspiro
KARNAK - Suspiro
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