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Jelly Monster – Jelly

The jelly may seem harmless and even have a healthy say – if compared to other products offered by the food industry aimed at the taste buds of children.

However, Jelly Monster doesn’t have this name for nothing. In his composition carries a great villain disguised as flavor: refined sugar, ingredient that again appears to try to disrupt our hero Karl in defense of Jonny’s healthy eating. Let us help them to overcome this battle once more.

In addition to sugar, jelly – when industrialized – is made primarily of fruit pulp and various chemical additives such as dyes, acidulants, which aid in preservation and gelling agents that add gelatinous consistency. The sugar present in the preparation is quickly metabolized to glucose by the body. However, when their levels are high in the bloodstream, the pancreas increases insulin production, a hormone responsible for tapping glucose as a source of energy, and this elevation can be harmful.

In addition, it is low in nutrients, has a high caloric content, so-called “empty calories”, without any nutritional value. This increases the risks of developing diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, cavities, etc. Too much sugar can contribute to a learning deficit by impairing memory and we do not want that for children.

Another point: it can be addictive, for contributing in the production of dopamine, hormone responsible for the sensation of pleasure and well-being. That is, the child begins to associate the taste of the sweet with something pleasurable and this can activate the trigger for a possible “addiction”.

There are alternatives such as preparing jelly at home with fresh fruit and excluding the use of refined sugar from your recipes. However, consumption should still be moderate. Excess fructose should also be avoided.

Investing in food quality and encouraging the child to know new flavors is very important so that she can learn to make good choices.

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

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