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Sugar God – Sugar

What to tell about this week villain – “Sugar God”? A hard battle to be fought by our hero Karl, but that with knowledge and strategic actions, surely he will achieve victory.

When we enter a war the first step is to know who our opponent is. Let’s go: refined white sugar is a villain known for his harms to the health of the body for as long as we can remember.

Besides not having any nutritional value, due to its refining process, sugar is instantly digested by the body which causes the glycemic levels to rise rapidly, representing a risk to the body, due to the deposition of fat in the cells. It can cause diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The consumption of sugar triggers a vicious cycle of consumption, this is because the insulin will stay high, which will generate hunger and will lead you to eat sugar again. This will make you want to eat sweets and carbohydrates all day.

Childhood is a crucial period for the formation of the individual’s tastes – a baggage that he will carry throughout his life. Can you change along the way? No doubt. But, learning from childhood and applying this in the course of the evolution is worth gold and the body appreciates it!

How to do then to win the battle against the “Sugar God”? Much is talked about moderation, but this is not the best way out, especially if we are talking about someone who consumes other foods that contains sugar. Let’s understand: if you use a little sugar, but drink two cans of soda, know that the drink is equivalent to almost four tablespoons of sugar.

Slowly exclude from eating sugar. Observe what you will offer your children. Remove from the menu, above all, industrialized, cookies, candies, sweet cakes, yogurts and other products full of sugar in its formulation.

Prefer homemade recipes and as an option to refined sugar, include coconut or brown sugar, for example. In the case of the Mascavo, it maintains most of the vitamins and minerals of the cane. In fact, the amount of nutrients is greater as it is darker. Coconut sugar is produced in a rustic way and without the addition of chemicals. And even these two should be consumed in moderation.

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:


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