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Churrelvis – Churros

Churros with dulce de leche.

The holidays are here with a lot of spare time for the kids. What we need to pay attention at this period is that is possible to have fun and enjoy everything without loosing track of health and quality of the food we offer our children. The brakes between lunch and dinner can be critical if we don’t prepare in advance healthy snacks for them.

One of the sweets that many of them enjoy – kids and adults – is the churros with dulce de leche. Let’s comprehend why look for another options for this treat is necessary.

First of all, the churros are fried! Fried food are among the worst 10 foods to be consumed.

That’s because the oils used in this fry process, transform themselves into trans fat wich the body can’t metabolize as well as accumulating in the abdominal region, it dramatically raises bad cholesterol levels and the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, extreme heat on the fat molecule produces a carcinogen substance.

But it doesn’t stop there. The churros recipe obviously carries a very large refined sugar load, and many still have no idea of ​​the seriousness of the problems that this white powder can cause to the body. Recent revelations show that sugar has been associated with cardiovascular diseases, obesity and diabetes.

Their excess consumption can aggravate the risks of contracting these disorders, since it is a high calorie product with no nutritional value.

In addition, there is still the filling of dulce de leche, which besides the sugar in its composition, as the name says, carries milk, which when passed through the process of industrialization, receives various chemical ingredients.

There’s no doubt: churros can be tasty, but they are a bomb for the body!

Isn’t worth it to open space for diseases  only to satisfy a “craving”. There are many healthy options that you can make yourself like “functional cakes”, mixes with nuts and walnuts, that don’t lose flavor and kids will like and benefit in the long run” Enjoy the heat, make fruit popsicles for the kids, what about it!?

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

Churrelvis - Um vilão para a saúde

Churrelvis - Um vilão para a saúde

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