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Sugary Cereals – Cereal Killer

What food options have you been putting at the breakfast table for the kids?

Wihout a doubt, one of the champions is the sugar cereal. These crunchy corn flakes with intriguing appearance and flavor – especially for the kids, are actually traps hiding in nutrition-less grains, “high on sugar”, preservatives,  dyes and fake flavors, among other products that don’t add anything to health.

We know how persuasive the ads for this products can be, especially touching at the hearts of parents and grandparents. It’s a breakfast cereal universe – and they’re made of “sugar”, “chocolate”, “fruit”, “condensed milk” and so many other flavors, colors and formats that is possible to get lost in this world of flakes.

In addition to the chemical additives presented in cereals, common to industrial processes – which represent risks of developing attention deficit, diabetes, obesity and even cancer – we have another villain in its composition: sugar.

This five letters ingredient represents a real damage in children organism and on their palate.

Just start consuming sugar that automatically the body starts to order it during the entire day. Why does it happen? Simple. High glycemic foods such as the cereal triggers a cascade of insulin release into the blood and from that, when glucose levels fall, the body will want to reestablish this substance, and the child will find that flavor that stimulated it that palate. This is why exists a difficulty in accepting vegetables or fruits, because it does not have the same brain response when tasting these other foods.

To prevent your child from entering this sugar cycle it’s time to rethink the breakfast table!

Make natural juices, give preference to fresh foods and run away from fake processed foods! There are many options to make an end to the cereal boxes! Think about it!

Here’s a simple way to spend as excess calories:

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