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French Fries – Ninja Fries

Today we will talk a little about the french fries, which is a fever between children and adults.

It’s not any news that fried foods are harmful to health, right? So one of the reasons why we should avoid the french fries is because of its preparation (fried).

Another factor is that the industrialized frozen versions, used in fast food and sold in markets, are pre-fried and so it is useless to be baked in the oven, since it already contains bad fats in the ingredients that help to conserve the product, besides high Sodium content and preservatives!

This mix of bad ingredients does not match the word “health” and can help in the appearance of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, overweight, cardiovascular problems among others.

So stay away from this villain.

A cool way to make the “french fries” is to cut potatoes, sweet potatoes and boiled potatoes into sticks or cubes, season with oregano, olive oil and sea salt and bring to the oven for roasting.

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

Como queimar as calorias dos Docinhos da Batata Frita?

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