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PUNK POTATO – Stuffed Potato

Beware of this villain disguised as a good boy!

On the outside this potato looks harmless and healthy, has even the peel to leave it with more fiber, but pay attention to what is to come.

The cheddar and bacon stuffing is scrumptious in sodium and the cheddar dyes is a processed cheese with plenty of chemical additives! Excessive salt can cause our blood pressure to rise and the number of hypertensives is increasing every day and the dyes can be super allergenic.

We can make a stuffed potato that can be really good for our health! If we exchange the bacon with cheddar for shredded chicken, tomato and oregano it becomes a healthier and tasty choice!

Another great tip from the maternal-child specialist Dr. Bruna Albuquerque from thex Patricia Davidson Haiat’s Clinic.

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

BATATA PUNK - Batata Recheada
BATATA PUNK - Batata Recheada
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Bruna Albuquerque – Maternal-Child Nutritionist

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