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Almondegone – Meatballs

It is round, juicy and delicious. We’re talking about the meatball. But behind this explosion of flavor can hide a great villain: the Almondegone, full of fat. But our hero Karl is ready to win this battle over.

Usually, it’s made from ground beef, thread flour to give alloy and seasonings. Here we should pay attention to these seasonings, which should be natural (onion, garlic for example) and non-industrialized, such as these in powdered sachets and cubes filled with preservatives, dyes, etc.

In the case of the meat we know, in many cases, hormones are mixed with cattle feeding to induce fattening and growth and all this ends up coming to rest on our plate. So, prefer organic meats. Thus, we are free of this avalanche of products that may intoxicate our bodies.

Another point that can make Almondegone an enemy of health is the frying itself. Usually the meatballs are fried in oil such as canola, sunflower, soybeans etc. These also go through chemical processes, when subjected to high temperatures, undergo oxidation and become trans fats. Not to mention that commercialized soy is mostly transgenic.

The fried oil enters the body increasing levels of bad cholesterol, LDL. This also contributes to the formation of atheromas in the arteries, especially the heart, weight gain and liver problems.

But what can we do so that children can eat meatballs without harming their health?!

Instead of frying, how about making the roast version?! It’s healthier and kids will love it too! Use natural seasonings, don’t use the powder ones, cubes or anything industrialized. Another tip is to increase the meatballs with vegetables such as carrots, chayote, cauliflower, for example, that can be grated to further elevate the nutritional content of the dish. And remember to take it easy with the salt. Replace refined, healthier ones like Himalayan Rose and Marine, which are rich in minerals and contain less sodium. In excess, salt contributes to increased blood pressure and water retention.

The kids will love it and you still guarantee a healthy and nutrient-rich diet.

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

Almondegone - Almôndega
Almondegone - Almôndega
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