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Miss Muffin – Chocolate Muffin


Muffin is a cupcake that can be made with different flavors and sizes, but in general they are made to be eaten individually.

We need to be careful with these “cuties” because although they seem harmless, they are in fact true sugar bombs, trans fats (margarine) and refine flour.

Just as others villains that we’ve encountered before, the muffin is bad for our health in account of these ingredients that compose its preparation.

Sugar leaves our palate addicted to candies, increases weight gain, accumulation of abdominal fat, may cause diabetes and causes agitation. The trans fat raises cholesterol, can clog the arteries, increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and the risk of cancer.

The wheat flour that is marketed here is genetically modified, this makes the gluten (wheat protein) difficult to digest, it can stimulate immune system reactions that can trigger various symptoms in the body.

Some common gluten sensitivity symptoms are: constipation alternating with diarrhea, colic and abdominal distension, joint pain (arthritis, arthrosis) and muscle, swelling, dry skin, severe hair loss, hyperactivity, concentration disorder. As so as sugar adiction.

How about we adapt this evil version to a kinder and healthier one?

One suggestion is to use quinoa flour or almonds instead of wheat flour, instead of the refined white sugar can be used the brown or coconut sugar and instead of margarine we can put coconut oil or olive oil! What about that? We can use our creativity and reinvent recipes, can we not?

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

Miss Muffin - O bolinho do mal

Watch the teaser for Karl VS. Miss Muffin:

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