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Margarino – Margarine

MARGARINO! A terrible, greasy margarine villain!

Margarine is recognized as a villain of the body’s health, starting with the production process. If you want to know a product, find out how it’s made before it reaches your hands. In the case of margarine, in addition to including the use of chemicals to prolong its expiration date, and be subjected to high temperatures, which leaves it partially hydrogenated. This dynamics results in a substance rich in a particular type of fat called “trans”, unhealthy in nature and harmful to humans.

The food industry has many options for “healthy” margarines, made “especially” to reduce cholesterol, among other arguments. It’s about time you are aware that this is not the case. I usually call margarine creamy styrofoam, because everything is synthetic and industrialized. It’s rich in polyunsaturated oils, which contribute to decreased ability to learn and grow, weight problems, damage to liver, lung and reproductive organs, as well as to digestive disorders, increased risk of cancer and, especially, disorders of cholesterol metabolism.

When I am asked what to use instead of margarine, I respond that “less worse” is the butter. The body recognizes butter fat as natural and can metabolize it, but because it is an extremely fatty food, rich in saturated fats, cholesterol and calories, it is not advisable to consume too much.

The ideal is to give preference to the so-called ghee butter, which although it is not high in fat, may be a purest and less harmful option for those who adhere to butter. That’s because in its preparation process, the solid elements, milk fat toxins and lactose are removed. Thus, it does not contain salt and lactose, does not produce smoke at high temperatures, and does not require refrigeration. Besides being the best option for people with severe allergies to dairy products.

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

Margarino - Um vilão de margarina terrível e seboso

Margarino - Um vilão de margarina terrível e seboso
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