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Fritto – Cheese Corn Balls

Presence practically guaranteed at parties, especially children’s, the famous fried cheese balls has many more attributes to be avoided than consumed.

Let’s understand why “FRITTO” – the greasy and salty fried cheese ball – one of the most beloved, poses a health risk.

Fries and fatty foods like this may contain trans fat, which changes blood sugar rates.

Let’s start with the ingredient that responds at the cooking process, the frying of this product: cooking oil (from corn, canola, sunflower etc.). When exposed to high temperature, the structure of its molecules undergoes changes and transforms into trans fat.

Consumption of this product, considered an “anti-nutrient,” can raise cholesterol and cause heart problems.

They are usually breaded with flours that have undergone a refining process and have lost any nutritional property and are still subjected to chemical processes in their preparation. The filling, the hot cheese, besides containing lactose – the milk sugar, because of the heating releases a fat that does not add to the body.

In addition to all these points, there is a key question. Usually the child will not just be satisfied with ony one “cheese fried ball”. She tends to eat several. If a unit already brings so many noxious characteristics, what will it say to consume something in quantity that has no quality?

The World Health Organization itself has issued a recent warning (plus one of many) that the rate of childhood obesity is increasing. And this one, the cheese fried ball, is one of the types of food that contributes to impact on the child’s palate and hinders its acceptance of real foods, such as vegetables, legumes, fruits, grains, etc.

Try to offer as snacks at parties baked goods, homemade, with ingredients that have quality. Think about it! If not, who will be “fried” is not only our villain “The greasy and evil FRIED CHEESE BALL”!

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

FRITTO - Salgadinho de queijo frito
FRITTO - Salgadinho de queijo frito
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