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Bubble Gun – Bubblegum

The “innocent” chewing gum may look like fun, but watch out for it !!

Did you know that chewing gum is rich in sugar, dyes and chemical additives? Did you know they increase the risk of tooth decay and stomach problems? In addition, many schools do not allow their consumption, as it may end up diverting the attention of the student.

So let’s use our teeth to chew fruit, homemade fruit popsicle, potatoes, meats? If we don’t take care of our mouth’s health, cavities can appear right? And then we can feel some discomfort …

That’s why healthy eating is responsible for maintaining the whole body healthy! From hair to toenail !!

Let’s take good care of it? Say goodbye to the villain BUBBLEGUM!

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

Miss Muffin - O bolinho do mal

Watch the teaser for Karl VS. Miss Muffin:

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