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Ali Karamel – Caramel Candy

Let’s talk about one more “sweet villain”: the caramel candy.

But, how can something can impact the health of our body can be so tasty? I explain.

The homemade caramel, is nothing more than refined sugar warmed and melted! And when we talk about white sugar, by nature, we need to understand that it represents a true poison to health! Besides being addictive (it acts like a drug even in our brain), it raises blood glucose very quickly, and this increases the risks of developing diabetes, childhood obesity among other impacts to the health of the body.

It’s even worse if it’s in that caramel syrup or candies!

These products get a load of chemicals in the process of industrialization. Especially the dyes, which have no nutritional value at all, may even cause allergies.

Another issue that must be considered before consuming or offering children caramel candies is related to oral hygiene. Its “soft” consistency, which literally makes it stick to the teeth, can damage the mouth ph and favor the appearance of cavities among other problems.

Now that you have received this information, how about swapping the caramel candy for functional, homemade goodies made with natural ingredients such as fruits and nuts!?

In addition to being much healthier, enjoy this holiday month and put them to help prepare snacks and understand the importance of eating healthy at their future!

Here’s a simple way to spend the excess calories:

Ali Karamel - Bara de Caramelo
Ali Karamel - Bara de Caramelo

Watch the teaser for Karl VS. Ali Karamel:

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